Professional Carpet Cleaning service should be part of your regular home maintenance program for maintaining the longevity of your investment.

With 15+ years in the Carpet Cleaning business, Heavenly Touch offers one of the best possible carpet cleaning services in the San Jose metro area.

An informed consumer is aware that carpet does not need to appear soiled to benefit from cleaning. Soil not only affects the appearance of the fabric, but also causes friction because of its undetected presence. Damage caused by soiling is uncorrectable and has been regarded as one of the greatest contributors of fiber damage and eventually causes fiber replacement.

Heavenly Touch Carpet Cleaning technicians strictly adhere to cleaning standards set forth by IICRC.  We follow a seven-step process for carpet cleaning:

With the most up to date equipment and techniques, we are able to offer dry times in hours, not days.

At Heavenly Touch, we use two types of equipment for cleaning: Carpet Wand & Rx-20. The Carpet Wand is used for most of the carpet cleaning needs and it does a very good job. Rx-20 is used in cases where the carpet is extremely soiled. Carpets that are matted down and need the pile lifted, take slightly longer to dry with this system. There is a small up charge for use of the Rx-20 as cleaning times are typically double with this method.

Heavenly Touch Carpet Cleaning offers the below additional services:

-Pet urine odor removal treatment

-Fresh smelling fabric protection with Scotchgard ®

-Static control (great for computer areas)

-Carpet pile grooming service

-RV Upholstery Cleaning (Captain’s Chair and benches)


Minimum Charge $135.00 (covers up to 200 sqft)
Charge for Over 200sqft $0.35 per sqft
*Scotchgard  1/2 of Total Cleaning Charge
Deodorizing Free of Charge

*We firmly believe in the value of Scotchgarding carpet or upholstery after the cleaning job.  This will not only protect the carpet fibers from absorbing the stain, but it will increase the life of your carpets.  Most new generations of carpets and upholstery already have some sort of protectant on them.  Some, if not all, of this protective coating will be taken off during the cleaning process and will need to be reapplied.  Most of the manufacturers who guarantee your carpets require Scotchgarading to be added on after cleaning as to not void your warranty (read your warranty on the specifics).