• Upholstery Cleaning

Heavenly Touch offers steam extraction upholstery cleaning services to its customers in the San Jose metro and the rest of the Bay Area. We offer two types of upholstery cleaning services:

Stubborn stains in upholstery, like your favorite couch or chair, are a nightmare to get rid of. Forget overpriced cleaning products: to get your furniture back to its original state, you need a professional touch. Heavenly Touch provides cleaning services in the San Jose and greater Bay Area quickly and at an affordable price. 

Steam Extraction

This method is more delicate as it will fully retain the condition and look of your furniture. Not only will steam extraction remove stains and dirt, but it will also oust odors and lingering smells. We have the right equipment on hand and we’ll carry out the service at an affordable price, much more convenient than purchasing your own steam extractor machine.

The Heavenly Touch

All of our cleaning methods are eco-friendly and will cause no damage to your furniture. Our expert cleaners and technicians can easily identify – from first glance – what sort of treatment your upholstery needs. It’s recommended that you undergo some form of upholstery cleaning at least once a year, and this should be more regular if the furniture is used every day, or if there are messy kids or pets at home.

Contact us to find out which method is best suited to the type of furniture you have. We’ll send a technician round to take a look at the upholstery and recommend the right treatment on the spot. It’s a Heavenly Touch guarantee your furniture won’t be damaged and will look better than ever after our cleaning services.


Minimum Charge $135.00
Fee per Linear Foot (For Synthetics) $20-$30
*Scotchgard  1/2 of Total Cleaning Charge
Deodorizing Free of Charge