• Upholstery Cleaning

Heavenly Touch offers hand shampoo and steam extraction upholstery cleaning services to its customers in the San Jose metro and the rest of the bay area. We offer two types of upholstery cleaning services:

Hand Shampoo:

Hand shampoo is the most aggressive cleaning method available for upholstery cleaning. It is recommended for use on heavily soiled furniture or on any fabric that requires the use of a low moisture cleaning method.

Steam Extraction:

Steam extraction is recommended for maintaining the condition and appearance of your furniture. It is recommended for conditions of normal use when performed regularly. Our steam cleaning process removes any kind of dirt, stain or odor.

Our organic and eco-friendly products get deep into the fiber of the furniture and extract the dirt, stains, and bad odor out. Hot water is then used to raise the dirt to the surface so that the vacuum can easily pull it out. We make sure that our services not just cleanse, but also restore the quality of the fabric of the upholstered items.

All our services are reasonably priced and our expert technicians identify the right cleaning method before starting the job. Our set work procedures and guidelines ensure that the job is done correctly with no damage caused to the upholstery.

We recommend upholstery cleaning at least once a year. This would help obtain best results and maintain the longevity of the upholstery items. If you have children or pets at home, you should consider cleaning at least twice a year.


Minimum Charge $135.00
Fee per Linear Foot (For Synthetics) $20-$30
*Scotchgard  1/2 of Total Cleaning Charge
Deodorizing Free of Charge